"...can do things with a hula-hoop we didn't even think possible"

- Wired Magazine

Fire hoops

Absinthe Fairy

This naughty lady enchants her way through a dangerously seductive routine full of fiery feats, including body burning, fire eating and of course, fire hooping. Be careful, this little Absinthe fairy likes to play with fire. 


Ladies and Gentlemen, things are about to get hot…
Set to Billy Stewart’s rendition of the song by the same name, this Summertime, is going to be a scorcher. Be mesmerized by this sizzling glamour puss as she skillfully manipulates a flaming hoop of fire! 

Raw Hide

Strutting onto stage in a pair of chaps, this cowgirl is… shall we say; cheeky. Ripper turns around to reveal a mischievous peachy bottom.
It starts to the famous Western track by the Blues Brothers but once she fires up her blazing hoop, the music changes to a rockier version of the same track by the Dezperadoz.