“Pippa the Ripper puts such anger and attitude into hula hooping that you'll never look at it in the same way again”

-The Scotsman


Hula hoops
Voodoo Vixen
Costume: Lady Lucie


Get ready to jive! This cheeky fifties fox will have you clapping and toe-tapping to her fantastically fun hula-hoops display. Pippa’s remarkable hula skills are entwined with a fun-loving and energetic character. Watch her as she masterly controls the hula-hoop, eventually building to a climax of a huge stack of uncontrollable hoops!
Be swept along by the craze that hit the 50’s…


This hell raisin’ hula hussy stubs a cigarette out on her tongue and performs one bad-as* routine to rock band Clutch.
No mess, no fuss, just pure impact!!

Vintage circus Voodoo Vixen


A truly spell binding act inspired by Tim Burtons’ cinematic characters.
This Voodoo Vixen bewitches her audience leaving them helplessly entranced by her saucy charms. This performance will rip into your psyche and tear away your conceptions of circus burlesque.


Dr Hula

Jokes! Atomic physics! Hula-hooping!
A double act with comedian Richard Vranch, "Dr Hula" combines sharp comedy and sexy hula-hooping to demonstrate atomic physics. Dr Hula performed at the Bloomsbury Theatre in Robin Ince's Richard Feynman celebration and at the Hammersmith Apollo, London..

Guns N' Roses Tribute

This is a hard-core, sexy and high skilled hula-hoop act in homage to rock band Guns N’ Roses.
Watch this blazing, furious and half-psychotic party animal fuse hard rock and hula-hoops to a motley collection of Guns N’ Roses tracks. This dangerous rock star will go up in flames, reviving rock n roll culture and leave you screaming and head banging for more.



Pippa performs an emotional and enchanting act that integrates contemporary dance and hula-hoops. She draws on her experience as a circus performer and as a dancer to create her own style of performance. Her act incorporates original skills including unique throws, catches and manipulation of hoops, using her entire body. These remarkable skills are intertwined with captivating innovative choreography, building to a climax of a huge stack of uncontrollable hoops!

Edwina Explains

Ten-year old Edwina Cramp tells her tale of life at school, involving hypothermia, Indonesia, kittens and lots of hula-hoops! Edwina’s ramblings create a humorous and quirky quality, and her skills with her hoops show years of hardcore school ground practice. This unique little act will surprise and delight.