"A real mind bending and crowd pleasing act. Pippa really put my son through the hoops!"

- Roger Taylor, Queen.


Disco Diva

Performing to Scissor Sisters, ‘Filthy and Gorgeous’ this act has attitude and is not suitable for a tame audience. Dragging an innocent volunteer onto stage, this Diva shows them how hooping is really done from the best position possible – the floor. Hold your breath cause you’re in for one hellova ride…
Cheeky and sassy, this Diva will make you jealous she didn’t pick you. 

Luminous Twenties

This is the roaring twenties with an electrifying twist. Dressed in classic Charleston attire, this little birdy is bound to get your wings flapping to her thrilling glow hula-hoops display. 

LED Glow Hoops